Master Plan for Clifton Park Nearly Complete

About a year ago we began a process to create a master plan, or a guiding document, for Clifton Park. While Clifton Park is not particularly large, it is a unique park and includes a variety of features and hosts a number of events, including a pond, fountains, restrooms, playground, enhanced native landscaping, walk ways, a playground, and a basketball court.

The goal of the master plan was to create a vision for the park for the next two decades that included professional expertise and neighborhood input and consensus. "Repair, Restore, Improve" is the goal of the plan. SWT Design was hired to guide the process and develop a plan that the City could adopt. Implementation of the plan will occur over the next decade or more as funding becomes available. Each project in the plan will need to be considered and fully designed as funding for construction it available. The plan should serve as a roadmap for the community, alderman, and Parks Dept. to follow in order to achieve the vision of a well maintained, enhanced, and well used park. The final step in the future is for the City's Planning Commission to formally adopt the plan. You can download the 18 page document below.

Download a .pdf of the Clifton Park Master Plan here.


CP Master Plan1.JPG
CP Master Plan2.JPG