Image: Mitch Bennet

Image: Mitch Bennet


Below find some common contacts for services the City provides. More extensive information can be found at

Andrew Hernandez, 24th Ward Neighborhood Improvement Specialist 314.657.1368
Call for a variety of neighborhood issues or questions.

Anna Biondolillo, 2nd District Problem Properties Officer 314.444.0177
The PPO handles properties where ongoing nuisances are occurring.

Healthy Home Repair Program, 314.657.3888
Financial help for home repairs for income qualified owners.

Animal Care & Control, 314.657.1500
Call for domestic animals running loose or animal neglect/abuse.

Business Assistance Center, 314.622.4120
Advice on permitting, zoning, & other topics for new or expanding small businesses.

Citizen's Service Bureau (CSB) 314.622.4800
Hotline to report a variety of service requests, like potholes, streetlight outages, refuse pickup, graffiti, tall grass, and other issues.